I have been. I will be. Therefore I am.

“My voyage transcends time and space through the medium of visual arts, where I blur the lines between photography and sculpture, bronze and video installations. I’ve crafted my own realm to exhibit an exploration that envisions our future selves, in a time where machines paradoxically propel us towards greater humanity.
I love working on projects more than individual pieces, and I particularly enjoy creating site-specific projects. That’s why in recent years, I’ve collaborated with archaeological museums, where I’ve found a natural environment to engage with the themes of humanity and time, linking my works to the artifacts found within these museums.”
Maicol Borghetti, a contemporary Italian visual artist, works with photography, 3D design, video, sculpture, and electronic music. On this website, you can find his latest projects: Portraits from the Future, NEBULAMythos and Protos, as well as an archive section featuring his most important works like ACRONOS.
His artistic journey is a long voyage through imagery, from photography to design, and it is narrated here: Maicol Borghetti’s biography.
The artworks displayed on this website are crafted from various materials such as plaster, resin, or bronze. The images are hi-res print on metal, plexiglass, or photographic paper supports. Each piece can be customized in terms of material and dimensions.
Catalog 2024, Mythos and Protos, Portraits from the Future.
Catalog from Exploring the Ego of Times, Museo Archeologico Versiliese “Bruno Antonucci”.

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