Portraits from the Future

Merely imagining the future falls short; it requires experiencing it through a journey through time in pursuit of aesthetics, art, and design.
Portraits from the Future transcends mere physical displacement, moving solely along the axis of time.  Synthetic photographs traverse both proximity and distance from today’s “us,” yet always within our temporal continuum. What will we, as humanity, evolve into?
In works like Mythos and Protos, my exploration ventures into non-terrestrial realms, observing the stretching of time and the myriad existences (though not concurrent). Conversely, in Portraits from the Future, a certain linearity, a simplicity is followed; we are here, we are us, but not now.
Portraits from the future symbolize simply our impending time, a time not yet existent but envisioned before us, destined to find us one way or another.
Maicol Borghetti, December 2022.
















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