Maicol Borghetti’s Art: An Expedition Through Time and Space.
Maicol Borghetti, a contemporary Italian visual artist, defines himself through various disciplines, including photography, 3D design, video, sculpture, and electronic music. Born in Pietrasanta, he resides and operates in Viareggio, where he has established his creative sanctuary, StudioB19, giving life to his works.
His journey into the world of art began during adolescence when the artist devoted his interest to photography and 3D computer graphics. Over the years, he embarked on a journey of exploration through various forms of artistic expression. Leveraging technology to its fullest, he cultivated a deep passion for it, constantly experimenting with unconventional approaches and new ways to manifest his creativity.
His experience in creating short films has enriched Borghetti with numerous skills, including composing soundtracks. His educational path has allowed him to explore extensively, following the desire to break free from conventions and be surprised by his creations in a new and untainted way.
The focal point of his work has always been the human being, which fascinates him both as an individual aesthetic figure and as a complex entity immersed in a journey to surpass the limits of time and space. Through his art, he investigates human existence and our role in the universe, seeking to establish connections between past, present, and future.
The artist tends to focus on project realization rather than individual works. “Exploring the Ego of Times” is a perfect example of this specificity. This project includes sculptures, videos, synthetic photographs, and electronic music, finding space in archaeological museum environments, altering them without destabilizing them. This creates a creative short circuit in which the viewer, the artist, and the audience converge in participating in the same experience.
For Borghetti, creativity is an endless journey, where art becomes a bridge between the inner and outer worlds. It is a continuous path of discovery and connection with the beauty and mystery of human existence. With passion and constant dedication, Maicol Borghetti continues to explore new artistic avenues, aspiring to inspire the intimacy of people through his works and projects.
Catalog 2024, Mythos and Protos, Portraits from the Future.
Catalog from Exploring the Ego of Times, Museo Archeologico Versiliese “Bruno Antonucci”.

Maicol Borghetti, StudioB19 – 2023

Maicol Borghetti, StudioB19 – 2020


2023: Maicol realizes the “Exploring the Ego of Times” project for the Archaeological Museum Versiliese in Pietrasanta Lucca.
2022: He exhibits “NEBULA” and “Mythos and Protos” for the exhibition “The Triumph of Light” at the Archaeological Museum of Santa Scolastica in Bari. Additionally, with an artwork from “NEBULA,” he participates in the Via Mailer symposium in Pergine, Trentino.
2021: For the “Arte e Cultura Villa Sormani” award in Missaglia (LC), he exhibits “NEBULA” and creates sculptures delivered to the awardees. An installation from the “NEBULA” project wins the special sculpture award Michelangelo Buonarroti in Seravezza. 2021 also sees the completion of the first official “NEBULA” video.
2020: The “NEBULA” project comes to fruition: sculpture, video, and electronic music compose captivating and participatory installations. Alongside his artistic research, he continues his professional work and creates digital videos projected onto 3D sculptures by Michelangelo for the MUSA in Pietrasanta.
2019: “Mythos and Protos” is born, a sculpture project exhibited at the Lu.C.C.A. Museum with a solo exhibition curated by Maurizio Vanni. “Mythos and Protos” is also exhibited in Turin.
2016: He founds StudioB19, art and technology supporting companies, artisans, and artists.
2015: “Ison” is successfully received at the Trieste Science+Fiction Festival. He directs and produces “The Liw,” a science fiction short film.
2013: He directs “Acronos,” a short film combining science fiction and video art, produced with artist Antonino Bove and presented at the Trieste Science+Fiction Festival. For “Acronos,” he handles direction, photography, editing, and soundtrack. In the following years, he produces the science fiction short films “Ison” and “The Liw.”
2011: He directs and produces “Dispenser,” a short film based on a science fiction story by Stefano Nicoletti. Professionally, in the following years, he serves as director of photography and technical support for videos produced by SugarKane Studio for Franco Battiato, Lorenzo Jovanotti, Laura Pausini, Nesli, and Nina Zilli. With Studio Sumatra, he produces music videos for independent bands, also directing and editing.
2009: Alongside Igor Bertolucci and Francesco Basso, he founds Studio Sumatra, the first video production studio in Italy to own a Red 4K digital cine camera. He creates a large figurative sculpture installation for the Seravezza Teatro Festival directed by Federico Barsanti.
2008: He creates the medium-length film “Osmosis” in collaboration with painter Mario Francesconi; “Osmosis” is screened at the Volterra prison. In the same year, the photographic project “Aliens” is exhibited at the Caffè Le Giubbe Rosse in Florence; In “Aliens,” a photographic character becomes a sculpture/installation for the first time.
2005: The photographic project “Zero Images” wins the national competition MarteLive. The following photographic projects are exhibited in Rome, Milan, and Paris.

Maicol Borghetti, Fuerteventura- 2016


“Exploring the Ego of Times,” Archaeological Museum Versiliese Bruno Antonucci in Pietrasanta – Lucca.
“NEBULA,” Via Maier Symposium – Pergine Valsugana (Tn).
“Mythos and Protos” for Cibart Seravezza, Seravezza (Lu.).
“NEBULA” and “Mythos and Protos” for the exhibition “The Triumph of Light,” Archaeological Museum of Santa Scolastica – Bari.
“NEBULA Installation from Mythos and Protos,” Palazzo delle Esposizioni – Lucca.
“NEBULA” and “Mythos and Protos” – “Timeless” Exhibition, Comodo64 and Combo – Turin.
“NEBULA Installation from Mythos and Protos,” International Michelangelo Buonarroti Prize – Medicean Palace, Seravezza (Lu).
“NEBULA Installation on the Art and Nature Path,” Seravezza (Lu).
“NEBULA, Traces from the Future,” Installation. Arte e Cultura Prize – Villa Sormani, Missaglia (Lc).
“Mythos and Protos,” exhibition “Noli Me Tangere. Carlo Palli Donation” – San Domenico Museum, Prato.
“NEBULA Installation from Mythos and Protos,” Lu.C.C.A. Museum – Lucca Center of Contemporary Art, Lucca.
“BAU (container of contemporary culture),” retrospective exhibition 2004-2020, CAMeC, La Spezia.
Solo sculpture exhibition “Mythos and Protos,” Lu.C.C.A. Museum – Lucca Center of Contemporary Art, Lucca.
Performance event “EXPERIENTIA,” Lu.C.C.A. Museum.
Group exhibition featuring selected works from the “Mythos and Protos” sculpture project, PARATISSIMA Multiversity, Turin.
Group exhibition featuring selected works from the “Mythos and Protos” sculpture project, CIBART and DopoCIBART, Seravezza.
Group exhibition featuring an artwork from the “Mythos and Protos” project, TORANO NOTTE E GIORNO, Carrara.
New artwork for the BAU.QUINDICI magazine, GAMC-Galleria d’arte Contemporanea, Viareggio.
New artwork for the BAU.QUATTORDICI magazine, GAMC, Viareggio.
Direction and production of the short film “The LiW.”
Direction and production of the short film “ISON.” Selected and screened at the Trieste Science+Fiction Festival, Trieste.
Direction and production of the short film “Acronos,” selected and screened at the Trieste Science+Fiction Festival and the Galactic Film Festival, Los Angeles, CA.
New artwork for the BAU.DIECI magazine, GAMC, Viareggio.
Production of the introductory logo for the FestivalDOCartoon Pietrasanta, Lucca.
Direction and production of the video “Cucinare Sapere,” Villa Gori, Lucca, and GAMC, Viareggio.
Direction and production of the “Motion and Time” video project.
Direction and production of the short film “Dispenser,” based on a story by Stefano Nicoletti.
Exhibition of the large-format photographic portrait of painter Mario Francesconi and screening of “Osmosis,” a medium-length video-art film, as part of Francesconi’s retrospective exhibition “Viaggio 1969-2010,” Palazzo Medici Riccardi, Florence.
Mixed-media sculpture installation “Aduc,” SERAVEZZA TEATRO FESTIVAL.
Mixed-media sculpture project “Omochi” created for atelier Creazioni Lebigre&Roger, Carnevale di Viareggio.
Solo photographic exhibition (“Aliens” video, sculpture, photography) and screening of “Osmosis,” Giubbe Rosse, Florence.
National preview screening of “Osmosis,” directed and produced by Maicol Borghetti, sound painting by Mario Francesconi, VOLTERRATEATRO ’08, Volterra.
Photographic exhibition “Spaces of Man” for “LandXcapes- Symposium of Art and Movement- Migrating Places,” Viareggio and Lucca.
Impromptu video projection “Small Camera Short,” Viareggio.
Direction and production of the artistic documentary “The Diameter of Ideas” with Gionata Francesconi, Caffè Liberty, Viareggio.
Direction and production of a series of experimental shorts made with a handycam: VIDEO 475+11, VIDEO 235, VIDEO 212.
Direction and production of the short film “Unmasked,” Viareggio.
Solo photography exhibition “Untitled,” Centre d’animation Reuilly, Paris.
Photographic exhibition of the project “Film” with painter Mario Francesconi, VOLTERRA TEATRO, Volterra.
Direction and production of “My Mindmine,” a video finalist in the Martelive06 video contest, Rome.
Solo photography exhibition “BIG.P Project,” Osteria Teatro Atalante, Lucca.
Photography group exhibition, Hype Gallery, Milan.
Photography group exhibition, City Hide Project, Rome.
ROME photographic project “Zero Images,” winner of the Martelive contest.
Solo photography exhibition – “Zero Images Project” – Rockodile.
Solo photography exhibition – Martelive contest – “Fake.”
Solo photography exhibition – Martelive contest – “Beba do samba.”